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Format: A2, 12 Kalenderblätter, hochwertiger Kunstdruck matt (300 g)


Floral Masterpieces

The earlier series of Lukas Johannes Aigne‘s works focussed on the key issues of awareness and understanding, for which he used a wide range of subjects, and he also produced a variety of self portraits. His present works concentrate on large-scale representations of owers. Flowers are a symbol of vanity, and the relatively short life of their blooms reminds us drastically of the transience of all life. They are one of the key motives in the history of art – starting from the vine leaves and tendrils depicted in Pompeii, through the painted oral ornaments in the books of the Middle Ages, up to the herbs and plants shown on the Ghent altarpiece. Aigner‘s works take up this theme, dealing with it in a variety of ways, and particularly the connection to still life paintings of the Baroque period is apparent in his techniques. His larger- than-life oral creatrions ll the whole canvas, spotlighting the leaves, owers and buds. The noble French tulips and the rosettes of the English rose often serve as his models. They ght for attention and gain their place in the picture only during the process of painting. In the cycle „Oksana through the owers“ he weaves drawings of his wife into the paintings, where she becomes the artist‘s muse, representing all women in a play with the blooms. Lukas Johannes Aigner indeed plays sensually with the owers and the light in which he depicts them. He is constantly seeking aesthetic perfection in these oral still life paintings, arranging his models e ciently, and often producing an erotic e ect. Mag.a Maria Reitter, Kunstwissenschaftlerin / ne arts scholar



Geboren am 7. August 1974 in Linz/Donau

1981 bis 1993 Freie Waldorfschule Linz
1994 bis 1998 Studium an der Hochschule Mozarteum Salzburg für Bühnenbild und Kostümentwurf bei Prof. Kappelmüller
1998 bis 2003 Studium der Malerei an der Universität für angewandte Kunst, Wien bei Prof. Herzig

2003 Diplom mit Auszeichnung
2003 Preis des Bundesministeriums für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kunst

Born on August 7, 1974 in Linz/Donau

1981 to 1993 Free Waldorf School Linz
1994 to 1998 studied stage and costume design at the Mozarteum University in
Salzburg with Prof. Kappelmüller
1998 to 2003 studied painting at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna
with Prof. Herzig
2003 Diploma with distinction

2003 Prize from the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Arts


Kalender 2021 - "Der Klang der Blumen" von Lukas Johannes Aigner

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